RTD Pipe Plug Probe with NPT Fitting


RTD Pipe Plug Probe with NPT Fitting | RTD-NPT

RTD Pipe Plug Probe with NPT Fitting

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  • High Pressure RTD Plug Sensor
  • Available in Either Single or Dual RTD Sensors
  • 72" Leads
  • Available with 1/8NPT or 1/4NPT Mounting Threads
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RTD Single Sensor
This RTD plug sensor is ideal for pressure vessel applications, pressurized containers and applications requiring a temperature sensor with an NPT mounting fitting. The single element design has a 1/4" diameter, 304 stainless steel probe that extends 1/2" from a 1/4"NPT mounting thread (optional 1/8"NPT mounting thread also available). Leads are 6' long, stranded #26 AWG nickel plated copper, PFA-insulated & jacketed with steel overbraid. Sensors are supplied with or without subminiature connectors. Pressure rating is 2500 psi., and the maximum temperature rating is 230°C (445°F).

RTD Dual Element Sensor
Dual RTD pipe plug probes come standard with flush sensing surfaces which minimize interference with moving parts, and 1/8"NPT mounting threads (optional 1/4"NPT mounting threads also available). The leads are 6' long, stranded #26AWG nickel plated copper, PFA insulated & jacketed cables with miniature connectors on each cable.

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